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more effective remote meetings with help of ai

Virtual Customer Meeting Platform Meetric is developed to serve the needs of sales and customer service.  Compared to traditional video meeting platforms such as Zoom or Teams, Meetric brings the following benefits for sales organisations and sales representatives:


  • High quality and effective video conferencing with content presentations
  • Digital Sales Room customizable for your company logo, background & content 
  • AI provided analysis for your remote sales meetings
  • Automatic, GDPR compliant meeting audio & video recording
  • You can demonstrate your products and services and help existing customers with co-browsing any web service
  • You can analyze and learn from your own performance with help of AI & your Coach
  • For sales team leaders: you can review your team's sales meetings and coach team members WITHOUT AFFECTING THE MEETING ITSELF
  • Everyone can self-educate, learn from the best by sharing the conversations and analyzing the best practices
  • You can follow which content is actually working and consumed by sales and which is the one customer got interested in


You can get all these benefits running in minimal deployment time & effort, as Meetric is available as out-of-the-box Software-as-a-Service.


We also provide the technical advisory and coaching services for this moden way of ensuring effective Customer Aquisition, Customer Retention and Customer Success.


Interested to know more? Ask for a free demo, we'll get you on the path of constant improvement of sales and customer service, leading to constantly improving results.