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We help in business development projects with leadership and management, sales, account management and service management. We are specialiced in SaaS, Enterprise Content Management, Software Development and Managed Services.

When you feel you could do with more experience, vision and conviction in developing your business or you run into a problem you haven't cracked before, it makes sense to ask from an expert. This is what even all top practicers of medicine are doing all the time. If you face a question outside of your own specialty, why wouldn't you do the same? An outsider can bring you new insights and help you speed up developing your business forward!


Trending assignments right now:


SaaS business KPI:s and applying them

Transforming to Value Based Selling


Outsourced Leadership & Management Outsourced Solution Owner

Sales Development projects, like new sales strategy or Go-to-Market plans 

Managed Services as a pillar for Business


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