Stiernkors coaches people for better performance, helps businesses in management, leaderhsip, sales, delivering and coordinating between business and supporting functions. We also help companies find the right options to procure. We are very experienced sales, software and information management professionals, who are valued for our know-how and attitude across industries. 

Relying on our core values, we help companies to find Effectiveness, unleash Energy and be extremely driven in Creativity. We believe that these three factors are needed more and more in the future and only businesses who can combine these with People and Technology  are successful going forward.


We offer Business Performance coaching  for individuals in Sales and Leadership positions following the successful concept of Southwestern Consulting.


Our Business Consulting covers packaged solutions eg. for SaaS business starters and we offer tailored consultancy for Management, IT, Sales and Account management professions.

You can also outsource your whole system renewal project for us using our unique ICT Procurement service. An outsourced Solution Owner can help you redefine the business problem, find the best bidders for implementing the change, give advice on selection, coordinate the implementation project and even negotiate required ongoing services that help you in using and optimizing your new system!


With us, you are sure to make a well adviced decision.